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Biochar from Palm Kernel Shell(PKS)


Biochar can Mitigate global warming, help plants to access more nurtrients throught physico-chemical processes that allow for the better utilization of 'soil inherited' or 'fertilizer-derived' nutrients, improve soil pH and permeablility of loamy soils.

Palm Kernel Sheel (PKS) is one of the oil palm biomass wastes, it is abundantly available in oil palm planted regions, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and etc. An average 0.16T PKS per ton crude palm oil (CPO) is commonly used in palm oil mills as boiler fuel to generate steam and electricity, while the remianing unused 0.2T PKS per ton CPO are sold or exported as fuel for power plant.

In order to deversify and add value to the remianing PKS, it is proposed to convert it into biochar to sequester CO2 and improve the productivity of low-fertility soil. Palm kernel shell biochar is an effective carbon sink with a half-life in soil over 100 year.

II.  Process Flow and Equipment needed

Automatic continous biochar production adops anaerobic destructive distillation technology. The biomass raw material are prossed through pyrolysis reaction in anaerobic and high tempearture condition. The reaction will generate combustible syn-gas. After purification, the syn-gas stored in a gas tank and used as the fuel to heat the rotary cylindrical reactor, that makes the operation energy saving and emission reduction.





Start up burning propane gas to heat up the PKS in the reactor, once the reactor reach 500-700 centigrade, the heat was generated by burning the syn-gas released from pyrolsing PKS. Depending on user's fuel type, there are several types of burner to suit with. i.e.


Flue gas purification system includes: purification spray tower, condensation tower, tar and bio-oil separator and syn-gas storage tank.


Ⅲ. Technical Data

TypePowerCapacity(KGS/H)Biochar ReactorSizeFeeding BiomasssizeFeeding biomassmoisture
YFRE-40016.5KW300-400Dia1000*12000mm(L)≤ 20mm≤ 20%
YFRE-60018.5KW500-600Dia1200*12000mm(L)≤ 20mm≤ 20%
YFRE-100025KW900-1000Dia1500*12000mm(L)≤ 20mm≤ 20%

Ⅳ. Video Show

Ⅴ. Frequent Asked Question

Q: Do you have experience producing Biochar?

A: Sure. Biomass such as sawdust, palm kernel shell, coconut shell, peanut shells, wood chips and etc, which contains lignin,after process of drying, retorting, carbonization, cooling and collecting, you will get high quality biochar from our biochar system.

Q: Can I get the biochar offer?

A: Of course, please send inquiry to: [email protected], our saleman will reply you in 24 hours.

Q: Is the capacity production in above technical information guarantee?

A: With correct operation, surely you will get the quoted capacity.

Q: The capacity in above table means feeding biomass or output Biochar?

A: It refers to output Biochar.

Q: Can the system run non-stop?

A: Yes, it can run for 3 shifts /24 hours.

Q: Can you give specification for output biochar produced?

A:  Sure, please send inquiry to our sales department: [email protected]

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