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Can Single Shaft EFB Shredder works well with palm Empty Fruit Bunch(EFB)?

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Apr 28, 2021

Introduction of  YDF Shredder:

Accompany with the constant boost of Green World, it has become a developing focus for various industries to construct the resource-saving, eco-friendly society and take reduction of energy resources consumption and strength of pollutant emission as binding force index.

YDF has researched and developed the new type multi-function oil palm EFB(empty fruit bunches) shredder independently. The EFB Shredder adopts automatic control system which is equipped with start/stop, inversion and automatic overload inversion functions. It’s equipped with SIEMENS motor which has the features of low rotation speed, high torque, low noise and so on. Its structure is optimized, so that the shredder has higher reliability and more excellent performance.

Cutting knives can be used 4 times by turning its direction, low spare parts cost. Fast replacement.

Application of EFB Shredder:

EFB shredder has been widely used in biomass recycling and regeneration industries. Now we specially introduce it to size reducing of oil palm EFB(Empty Fruit Bunch).

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