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Forecast 2017/18 World Palm Oil Production

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Apr 28, 2021

Below statistic shows the production volume of palm oil worldwide from 2012/13 to 2016/17 and provides a forecast for 2017/2018.

In 2015/16, the global production volume of palm oil amounted to 58.83 million metric tons.

By 2017/18, it is forecasted to reach 66.86 million metric tons.



This situation has presented a huge opportunity for the utilization of oil palm biomass in various applications including renewable energy(RE). Oil palm FFB is ever flowering and harvested throughout the year, which has 25-30 years of commercial period. In Indonesia and Malaysia, oil palm tree are widely planted, which accounts for 70-80% of the world total.

Generally speaking, palm oil mill wastes include palm oil mill effluent (POME), empty fruit bunch (EFB), palm oil mill sludge (POMS), oil palm fronds (OPF), oil palm trunks (OPT), oil palm kernel (OPK) and etc. Palm Oil biomass waste management is a severe issue. On one hand, it leads to loss of forest land, which makes many animals lose their habitats. On the other hand, it has a direct impact on the land and environment. In the long term, to make good use of the oil palm biomass wastes is the proper measure in the disposal.

We are focusing on the utilization of oil palm EFB, to produce 1 ton of palm oil, similar weight that 1 ton of palm EFB will be generated.





There are diverse ways for utilization of oil palm empty fruit bunch into commercial products.

Use YDF Palm biomass Chipper to convert Palm biomass into short fiber 10-50mm is high efficient way, for biomass power plant, or biomass gasification plant. For power 185KW Palm biomass chipper, capacity can be 12-15tons per hour.

Also can use YDF Palm biomass Shredder to process palm EFB or palm EFB fiber into short fiber, for organic fertilizer. It is high automatic palm EFB shredder, save your labor cost, less manual problems. If user wants to make palm EFB pellets, use YDF Palm Fiber Crusher to mill the dried short palm fiber into 3-6mm.

By extracting the long fiber from palm EFB, the output fiber can be used for mattress, or paper production.

All above applications, we have real projects in Southeast Asia, please send e-mail to us for more information.

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