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The Full Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turner is particularly well-suited for oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) composting treatment.

This cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution offers palm oil mills and investors an effective way to dispose of their waste while providing additional benefits. Composting EFB not only reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions but also helps save fertilizer costs for plantations by approximately 10%. Additionally, it enhances soil quality and fertility.

To achieve optimal composting, shredded EFB with a moisture content of around 60% is suitable. The composting process often involves a mixture of EFB, chicken manure, palm oil mill effluent (POME), and liquid fermentation wastes. Maintaining an optimum humidity level of around 60% is crucial.

The Full Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turner cab mechanically mix the EFB fiber with manure and POME, making the process efficient and effective. The turning machine breaks up lumps, promotes oxygen transfer, and ensures the even distribution of moisture and heat. It aids in the breakdown of the fibers and overall decomposition process.

II. Technical Data


Maximum width of the



Maximum height of

the pile

Plies distance0.6m0.6m0.6m
Production capacity970m³ /hour1000~1200m³/ hour670m³/ hour

Overall dimension


4750 * 3000 * 3600mm4750 * 2930 * 3400mm2900 * 4050 * 3100mm
Forward speed5-8m/min.5-10 m/min.5-8m/min.
Reverse speed5-8m/min.5-10 m/min.5-8m/min.

Calibration power of the


Track width2×0.35m2×0.3m2×0.35m
Turning radius2000mm2000mm2000mm

III. Features

1. Enhanced aeration;

2. Efficient mixing and homogenization;

3. Temperature regulation;

4. High durability and stable production;

5. Moisture control;

6. Increased decomposition rates;

7. Labor and time savings;

8. Improved compost quality

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