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Multi-groove Type Compost Turner


The multi-groove compost turner is also suitable for oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) composting treatment in large-scale.

It is equipped with multiple grooves or channels, each serving as a separate compartment for composting materials. This design allows for efficient and systematic composting of organic waste.

The machine features a robust frame that supports the multiple grooves, which are typically arranged in a parallel configuration. The grooves are wide enough to accommodate a significant volume of composting materials, such as agricultural waste, animal manure, or food scraps.

To achieve optimal composting, shredded EFB with a moisture content of around 60% is suitable. The composting process often involves a mixture of EFB, chicken manure, palm oil mill effluent (POME), and liquid fermentation wastes. Maintaining an optimum humidity level of around 60% is crucial.

The multi-groove compost turner mechanically mix the EFB fiber with manure and POME, making the process efficient and effective. The turning machine breaks up lumps, promotes oxygen transfer, and ensures the even distribution of moisture and heat. It aids in the breakdown of the fibers and overall decomposition process.

II. Technical Data

Standard The height of the wall is 1.65-1.8 meters, which can be customized according to the requirements of customers, and civil engineering drawings are provided

III. Features

1. The advantages of the multi-groove compost turner is its ability to facilitate a controlled composting process. Each groove can be individually loaded and monitored, allowing for different stages of composting to occur simultaneously. This enables the operator to manage compost batches at various stages of decomposition, from fresh material to fully mature compost.

2. The compost turner is equipped with mechanisms for turning and mixing the composting materials within each groove. This promotes aeration, homogenization, and the distribution of heat and moisture throughout the compost pile. The turning and mixing action enhances the decomposition process and helps create a well-balanced and nutrient-rich compost.

3. The multi-groove compost turner may also have additional features to enhance its functionality and efficiency. These can include adjustable speed controls, temperature monitoring systems, and automated turning mechanisms. Such features contribute to precise control over the composting process and ensure optimal conditions for microbial activity and decomposition.

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