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Coir Peat Block Machine


Coir peat block machine, also called as coco pith block making machine, it enables user to compressed loss form coir peat into 5kg blocks, which will be easy for storage and transportation. The coir Peat Block is used in horticulture and agriculture as a soil conditioner, or for growing hydroponics without soil. It is vastly used as a major component in potting soil mixes, nurseries, and is also used in animal bedding. Due to its high absorbency and high nutrient retention capacity, it is mixed with soil or used instead of soil. The coco peat can also be mixed with cut fibers or husk chips according to customer preference, which will slightly alter the characteristics.

The coco peat block machine is made of:

● Feeding conveyor
● Hydraulic System
● Compressor Chamber
● Block Molds
● Control Panel
● Loading and Ejection System



II.  Technical data

Production capacity150-160 blocks/hour200 blocks/hour
Main power(KW)4555
Coco peat block dimension(mm)30*30*10-100 (adjustable)30*30*10-100 (adjustable)
Weight of the block

5-20kgs (Adjustable)

5kg is popular

5-20kgs (Adjustable)

5kg is popular

Compression methodHydraulicHydraulic
Machine Dimension (mm)6230*2400*17526230*2400*1752mm

III. Features

1. Hydraulic System:The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides the necessary force for compressing the coco peat into blocks. It includes a hydraulic pump, cylinders, valves, and hoses. The hydraulic system ensures smooth and consistent compression of the coco pith.

2. Compressor Chamber:The compressor chamber is where the coco pith is loaded and compressed into blocks. It is usually a sturdy and durable structure designed to withstand the pressure generated during the compression process.

3. Block Molds:The machine contains block molds that determine the size and shape of the coco peat blocks. These molds are designed to produce 5kg blocks or can be adjusted to produce blocks of different sizes. The molds are typically made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum.

4. Control Panel:Coco pith block machines are often equipped with a control panel that allows the operator to control various aspects of the machine's operation. The control panel may include buttons, switches, and a display for setting and monitoring parameters such as compression pressure, block size, and production speed.

5. Loading and Ejection System:Coco pith is loaded into the machine manually or through an automated feeding system. Once the compression process is complete, the machine has an ejection system to release the compressed coco peat blocks from the molds. This system ensures smooth and efficient removal of the blocks.

6. Safety Features:To ensure operator safety, coco pith block machines are equipped with various safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, and protective covers. These features help prevent accidents and protect the operator during machine operation.

7. Power Source:Coco pith block machines are powered by electricity or diesel engines, depending on the specific model. Electric-powered machines are more common and require a stable power supply, while diesel-powered machines offer more flexibility in terms of mobility and can be used in areas without a reliable electricity source.


Ⅳ. Application:



Animal bedding

Boiler fuel, and etc


Ⅴ. Case Video

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