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Palm EFB Pellet Machine


As the increasing competition in the wood pellet supplying market, also because shortage of woody feedstock, many wood pellet manufacturers or investors have moved their attention to palm EFB pellet production. Especially the two biggest pellets consuming countries: South Korea and Japan.


Advantage and challenging for palm EFB Pellets:

a) Comparing with the wood pellet production line, to produce palm EFB pellets has following advantages:
1. Low raw material price in oil palm tree planation regions.
2. Short distance and easy transportation.
3. Palm EFB is available all year round.

b) While to produce Palm EFB Pellets also facing following challenging:
1. The wood pellet machine supplier has limited experience for palm EFB.
2. Machine supplier is far away, after-sale service is not in time.
3. Palm EFB pellets contains Potassium, some buyers’ burner may need adjustment.

Why use Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill?



As pellet machine provider, YDF studies palm EFB since year 2009, became Palm EFB Shredder and Palm Fiber Crusher Suppliers for Malaysian biggest palm EFB pellets manufacturer since year 2013. Six years manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after sale experience help us to understand palm EFB better, further help us to improve our machinery to suit palm EFB pellets production.

Despite what kind of palm EFB fiber that user have, such as fresh oil palm empty bunch, pressed EFB fiber, fermented palm EFB fiber, vertical pellet machine is better than -previously wood pellet machine.

1. It has larger pelletizing chamber.
2. Vertically material feeding by gravity is more constantly and evenly.
3. Automatically lubrication system prolongs machine life
4. Two sides useful ring die reduces spare parts cost.
5. Vertical ring die palm pellets machine is also energy-saving pellet machine, with 110kw main electric motor, the capacity can be 1000-1200kgs per hour.



YDF experience on Palm EFB Pellet Machine:

YDF vertical ring die EFB pellet machine has been tested with palm EFB fiber to make 8mm EFB pellets in our factory before delivery, and 2 units of YF-VPM560 is working in the project in Johor, Malaysia , 2TPH palm EFB pellet plant .


1000T per month Palm EFB Pellet Line in Malaysia

II. Technical Data

TypePowerCapacity(T/H)Driven TypeDimension(mm)Weight(kgs)
YF-VPM56090-110Kw0.8-1.5Gear driven2800*1300*22005000
YF-VPM700132-160Kw2 - 3Gear driven2400*1400*18007000

III. Features

High precise gear transmission

Large NSK bearings

High Quality Motor, WN or Simons Brand

Good Pellets Quality, Long Service Lives and Fast Die Change Ensure the productivity

Arch-breaker, force feeder

Pellets forming rate: ≥95%

Noise ≦80db

Ⅳ. Application

Milled EFB fiber

Pulverized oil palm trunks

And other type of palm biomass

Ⅴ. Case Video

Ⅵ. Delivery & Project





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