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Palm/Coir Fiber Crusher


Knife type palm/coir Fiber Crusher provides higher efficiency, less chance of fiber blocking on palm/coir fiber size reducing, with innovative V-shape flying knives in unique shear cutting way to minimize friction between fiber and knives.

Output palm/coir fiber will be in length 3-12mm(customized to users' demands), which can be ready for palm EFB Pellets production or coco substrates.


Ⅱ. Knives

6pcs flying knives, with rotating speed 500-700rpm and shearing cutting

4pcs static knives

All the knives are made of 9CrSi, or custmozied steel.


III.  Features

1. Rotor adopts steel structure with high strength, unique V-design;
2. Rotor has been static and dynamic balance tested before assembled to machine;
3. Thick and strong machine body
4. Bearing housing installed outside of the machine main body, prolong the bearing life;
5. Hopper hydraulic control, make the maintenance, knife replacement and cleaning easier;

Ⅳ. Technical Informaiton

TypePowerRotor KnivesRotor SpeedFeeding inlet sizeCapacity
YF-FFM100055 Kw6pcs500-600rpm1000*8300.5~1.2T/H
YF-FFM120075 Kw6pcs600-700rpm1200*9001.0-2T/H
YF-FFM140090 KW6pcs600-700rpm1400*9001.5-2.5T/H

Ⅴ. Case Video

Palm EFB fiber crusher: Cut the dried palm EFB fiber to short fiber 3-6mm, for making palm EFB pellets or other applications.

Efficiently cut the coir fiber to short coir fiber, for substrates or other applications.



Ⅵ. Delivery & Projects




Q1: What’s the difference between the EFB crushers YF-FFM1000 and YF-FFM1200?
A1: They are two sizes of EFB fiber crushers. EFB crusher type YF-FFM1000 has a main electric motor 55kw, capacity 500-800kgs per hour; while YF-FFM1200 has a main electric motor 75kw, capacity 1 ton to 1.5 tons per hour.

Q2: What’s the screen open method, is it hydraulic?
A2: Yes, the screen open method is hydraulic. It's easy for maintenance.

Q3: Can hydraulic also be made with YF-FFM1000?
A3: Yes, it can.

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