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Everything You Need to Know About Our EFB Crushers: Frequently Asked Questions

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Oct 18, 2023

Thanks for your interests in EFB crusher. We are Malaysia's top supplier of EFB crushers, a vital machine in the EFB pellet production process. These machines play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges posed by tough EFB fibers. Our crushers boost production capacity and efficiency, making them a key asset for manufacturers, especially those transitioning from long fiber production

Q&A Section:

Q1: What’s the difference between the EFB crushers YF-FFM1000 and YF-FFM1200?
A1: They are two sizes of EFB fiber crushers. EFB crusher type YF-FFM1000 has a main electric motor 55kw, capacity 500-800kgs per hour; while YF-FFM1200 has a main electric motor 75kw, capacity 1 ton to 1.5 tons per hour.

Q2: What’s the screen open method, is it hydraulic?
A2: Yes, the screen open method is hydraulic. It's easy for maintenance.

Q3: Can hydraulic also be made with YF-FFM1000?
A3: Yes, it can.

Q4: Can I have the complete video of operating the machine with hydraulic opening of hopper and screen?
A4: Yes, please contact our salesman to send it.

Q5: Does the machine have a screen inside?
A5: Yes, it has a screen inside, so the output fiber length can be controlled.

Q6: Do we have to open the hopper or screen to maintain the knives of the EFB crusher?
A6: To maintain the knives, you need to open the hopper; it is hydraulic opened and easy.

Q7: For 1-2 cm fiber, which screen do we have to use?
A7: You may choose a screen with 2 cm holes.

Q8: How often do we need to replace the knives, and how many hours do we need to grind?
A8: To maintain sharpness, grinding the knives every shift is recommended. After 3-4 months of use, they can be replaced with a new set.

Q9: Can we have multiple sizes and fit any size at any time?
A9: Yes, you can, by replacing the size of the screen.

Q10: Can you send me pictures of the cyclone and blowers of the machine, as well as the dust collecting bags?
A10: Please contact our salesman to send them.

Q11: What are the bearings and motors you are going to use?
A11: The manufacturers of the bearings and motors are famous brands in China, such as ZWZ brand bearings, WN brand motor. And we can also supply SKF, NSK bearings, and Siemens Motor or other brands as per your request; the prices will be quoted separately.

Q12: How long is your production time?
A12: Two months.

Q13: Do you provide sets of stator and rotor knives as spare parts?
A13: Yes, it's advisable to order extra sets of spare parts with the machine to save time and money.

Q14: Can the height of the side wall of the feeding conveyor be adjusted for loose fibers?
A14: Yes, sure.

Q15: Do you have users in Malaysia?
A15: Yes, we have many users of palm EFB crushers in Malaysia already, both in west and east Malaysia.

Q16: Can it cut the palm EFB fiber to 3mm?
A16: Yes, the machine needs to be customized for you.

Q17: Is it hammer mill or knife type cutter?
A17: Hammer mill has low efficiency with EFB fiber, our crusher is knife type cutter.

Our EFB crushers are the answer to optimizing your operations, enhancing efficiency. Contact us for more information.

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