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A New Single Shaft EFB Shredder is Iinstalled in Malaysia

In beginning of June - 2018, commissioning work of SS palm EFB Shredder was finished by YDF's engineers. Before we arrived, the PALM EFB Shredder was installed and wire connected by our user-self. The project is located in Selangor, Malaysia.

Our engineer carefully checked all the bolts, gearbox and bearings’ lubrication status, hydraulic system setting and PLC setting in about half an hour, found one bolts was missing, gearbox without oil. All those problems were fast solved by users’ workers.


With the efforts of both parties, commissioning was quite smoothly. User was satisfied with the capacity and length of output oil palm EFB fiber. The testing was carried out with aged oil palm EFB and the output fiber was less than 20mm in length, when using 50mm screen.

We are further updated for the capacity information with wet EFB fiber, after we are back to China. When the palm Shredder working with semi-dry fiber with moisture content around 50-60%, capacity is around 2-2.5T per hour. When testing on wet fiber MC 70% they get at least 1 ton per hour. That is satisfactory enough for the machine with 45KW electric motor.

SS shredderis first applied in oil palm EFB size reducing in the world. After polit testing in our factory in beginning of year 2017, feasibility analysis took one year by our client. We both think it will be the best suitable oil palm primary size reducing machine in oil palm EFB pellets production line, because it is PLC controlled that requires less skill for operator, and it also have significant features like:

PLC Control, easy to run for ordinary worker

Automatically reverse in case over-loaded, automatically re-work

Hydraulic pusher for high efficient shredding

Option for screen in the output, to get required size of efb fiber

Fast replacement of knives

Knife can be used 4 times by rotating it in 90 degree angle, so has long life

The knife is made of D2, durable, reduce your spare parts cost.

This kind of machine design, lead to less chance for jam

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