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Pekanbaru Indonesia EFB Chipper with 132KW motor starts worki

User from Pekanbaru already had dual shaft EFB Shredder and EFB fibering machine, why did he buy an EFB Chipper?


Oil palm is one of the most valuable plants in Indonesia, oil palm industries generate abundant amount of biomass include the palm pressed fibre (PPF), and palm oil mill effluent (POME), oil palm trunk (OPT), oil palm frond (OPF), Palm kernel shell(PKS), empty fruit bunch (EFB), The OPF and OPT generated from oil palm plantation while the oil palm EFB , POME, PKS and MF are from palm oil mill.

The palm oil mill is self-sufficient in energy, using PPF and PKS as fuel to generate steam in waste-fuel boilers for processing, and power-generation with steam turbines. While EFB, considered as poor fuel due to big size and high moisture content, currently not being utilized in Indonesia.

In recent years, the increasing costs of fossil fuel have encouraged heavy industries that are traditionally reliant on furnace oil, diesel and LPG to turn to alternative sources for biomass energy such as wood chips, empty fruit bunch (EFB) pellets, palm kernel shell (PKS), EFB and tree barks.

Our user from Pekanbaru, Riau Province of Indonesia, sensitively finds and seizes the business opportunity. His factory processes EFB and pressed EFB fiber to short EFB fiber, and sell the fibre to companies nearby who’s boiler co-firing fossil fuel with biomass.



Our EFB Chipper, with capacity 8TPH was installed in their factory in October 2019. The user enjoyed our free commissioning service because at that time we just finished the Palmex exhibition in Medan. After capacity testing and fiber length checking, user was satisfied and pleased with Chinese EFB Chipper and our service.


Actually, before he purchased our EFB Chipper, there were two units of dual shaft EFB shredder and two units of hammer type EFB fiber machine in their factory.


When being asked the reasons they purchase our EFB Chipper, the said: “Some of our buyers request even shorter fiber like less than 2 inches, our current machine can’t do. But your EFB Chipper can.”


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