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Six Advices for How to Set Up a Successful EFB Pellet Line

Due to feature of excellent year-round availability, oil palm empty fruit bunch (short as EFB) attracts investors’ eyes. Many wood pellets manufacturers in Malaysia are also considering expanding the production line to produce EFB pellets, for domestic market and also for exporting to Japan.


Compared with woody input, EFB price is still very low. Governments in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have encouraging policies to utilize wasted oil palm EFB into PELLETS, oil palm EFB pellets can be used as an alternative fuel for biomass-based combined heat and power plants to produce heat and power, either for industrial use or grid connection.


Specification of palm EFB pellets:

√ Diameter: usually 8mm

√ Moisture: less than 10%

√ Ash: lower than 6%

√ CV: 3800kCal/kg

√ Bulk Density: around 680kgs/cu.m

But in fact, to make EFB PELLETS is NOT as easy as people think.

Here are some advice before you set up EFB PELLET line:

√ Large workshop.EFB Fiber has low density, needs large space for handling. Buffer storage solution with bin or screw conveyor will increase the chance of blockage.Don't use too much pipes to transport the fiber from one machine to another. Belt conveyor is better than screw conveyor. Less jam but easy to control the material flow, remember EFB fiber is easy to entangle.

√ EFB size reducing process and EFB fiber drying process are as important as palm EFB pelletizing process.  Because if No short fiber with right Moisture content, no pellets. The whole line has to be stopped. That will be a big loss.

√ Choose a reliable supplier, who understand EFB. Has real experience with whole EFB line desinging and engineering. Responsible for after-sale. This is very important.

√ Whether produce pellets or briquettes, or carbonized EFB kernel, depends on the market demands.

√ Make sure you will have stable EFB supplying, since more and more pellet line are being set up.

√ Make sure your power supplying is ready before machine arrives. One of our clients from

√ Malaysia hold the machinery for 2 years because there is no power. That makes him great loss.


In year 2017, we helped user from Johor, Malaysia designed, fabricated and installed an 2T per hour palm EFB pellet line.

In year 2020, the palm EFB pellet line was moved to Negeri Sembilan, the production is non-stop even in COVID-19 situation.

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