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Palm Fiber Dryer for Power Plant


Heavy duty palm EFB fiber dryer is co-designed by Jining Machinery Design and Research Institute.

Have been installed in Thailand Biomass Power Plant.

What's the normal probelms when palm long fiber or coir fiber is being dried?

√ Palm long fiber or coir fiber is not dried thoroughly. They can’t move efficiently inside the rotary drum dryer, and become fiber entanglement.

√ The long palm of coir fiber will be caught on fire, due to high temperature of drying air, and oily feature of the long fiber itself.

Obviouly, air-flow pipe type dryer, or three-cylinder dryer are totaly not suitable for palm long fiber or coir fiber drying. We are using single cylinder rotary drum dryer in our project in Southeast Asia.
Whole drying machine system includes:furnace with burner, drum dryer, input and output conveyor, fan, cyclone and air-lock, as well as pipes and electric control cabinet. Also it must have temperature and moisture moniting device,to control the drying process.

A rotating drum and strategically positioned flights combine to lift and shower product evenly through the air stream.

Structure of single layer drum dryer is not so complex as three-cylinder dryer design.  After the wet material is taken into the dryer through inlet, it is turned over by the string-up rake inside the drum and distributed uniformly in the dryer for full contact with the counter-current hot air. It speeds up the heating and mass drying process. While drying, raw material is moved by stirring rake with a gradient of hot air. It passes through the drying region to a star valve which discharges the dry material.

II. Technical Data

ModelDiameter (mm)Length(m)Power(kw)Speed of rotation (r/min)
Y-D22220018,2230kw3-20 adjustment

Size Is desinged for container loading , and moisture content of input and output fiber as below:

Moisture content before drying: 45%
moisture content after drying: 15%
capacity: 3tons per hour

Heat Resource can be pellets, briquettes, coal, or gas, suitable burner will be supplied upon your requrest.

III. Features

1. Rotary dryer is a tubular heat exchanger; the cylinder size is φ3.4m × 30m, large heating area, and heavy duty.
2. Combine indirect steam heating with medium temperature hot air direct heating method to achieve ideal drying effect, avoid spontaneous combustion and carbonization of materials;
3. Customized for palm EFB Fiber, it has poor fluidity. Special internal design of large spiral structure to prevent materials from stacked.

Ⅳ. Application

● Biomass Power Plant
●Biomass Gasification Project

Ⅴ. Case Video

Project: Huge size palm Fiber dryer in biomass power plant

Ⅵ. Delivery & Project



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